Hungarian Haiku Club

The Hungarian Haiku Club was established after the World Haiku Festival 2000,  in the framework of the Hungary-Japan Friendship Society, which organizes meetings in the most beautiful places of the country in every season. These places all have some kind of Japanese relations (e.g. a Japanese garden, a Japanese statue park). The age of club members varies from 7 to 78. There are 60-70 members of the club.
At the meetings, we discuss the recently published haiku books and events, and we write haikus on specific topics. The poets read the haikus aloud and the members discuss them. The writers of the best poems are rewarded with small Japanese gifts.

The leader of the Hungarian Haiku Club: Judit Vihar
The secretary of the Hungarian Haiku Club: Adrienn Czifra

Next meeting
Our next meeting will be held in spring 2023 at the 10th Hungarian Haiku Day in Budapest! 
If you want to join the club and participate in the meeting, please inform us at the following e-mail address:

We welcome all club members!